Problem in Logic Pro -- Host-based Editor values don't match UI values

When my plugins are first loaded in Logic the host-based editor does not show the correct (default) control values for parameters - it shows the minimum value for all controls. Once a control is changed - in either the UI or host editor - the value shown for that control then matches in both places. Loading a preset correctly updates the values of all controls in both places.

I tested the same AU plugin in Reaper and it works as expected - the host-based editor values and UI editor match at all times, including first construction.

So, this seems like a bug in Logic however Apple’s plugins work properly, so there must be something in iPlug that’s not communicating properly with Logic on plugin load?

Just tested DSEQ3 from @TBProAudio and it behaves the same as I observed with my plugins - generic host-based editor does not show correct values when plugin is first loaded. Changing a control value in either place - or loading a preset - updates the value in both places (as it should).

I don’t know of many (any?) people who actually use the host-based controls editor when they have a nice UI so this issue isn’t all that important - but it is concerning that the values don’t match, i.e., what else could be wrong that I don’t see?

Au hosting changed a lot lately in logic

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Is this only in the latest version of Logic?

I’m on Logic 10.6.3 and I don’t see this issue. I wonder if this relates to out of process hosting.

I just checked on Logic 10.5.1 on Mojave and it works properly.

The same plugin build opened in Logic 10.7.2 on Big Sur does not work properly - generic editor opens with minimum values, not default values, and does not match the UI controls.

So, yes, it seems to be a Logic version issue however other brands of plugins I have tested work properly on 10.7.2 - so it appears to be a Logic version issue specific to iPlug2.

It seems unusual as the AU parameter info includes a default value, so logic definitely has access to that info. It also should have access to poll the plugin for its current parameter values.

I can look again once I am able to upgrade (to do with the fact that the license I have is not under my control), but without being able to reproduce it would be pure speculation about what is (or isn’t) happening.