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IVNumberBox label update

When updating the value of an IVNumberBox through the increment/decrement pushbuttons, the value text does not get updated until you move the mouse over the control, while changes in the value caused by dragging or scrolling are reflected immediately. I’m rather confused as to why this should be the case, since the pushbutton action functions call the exact same function as the OnMouseScroll and OnMouseDrag functions, namely OnValueChanged. Stepping through the various functions that are in turn called by OnValueChanged, I’ve found what appears to be the exact same behavior: regardless of how you interact with the control, the value and the label gets updated correctly; only the handling of the drawing of the value is somehow different, but I can’t manage to find the relevant difference between OnIncrementFunc and OnMouseOver that would lead to this different drawing behavior.

Any suggestions as to what function I might need to adjust? Thanks!

I noticed this as well. It seems a side effect of some code that I have reverted on master

I just pulled the new code, and the control is working as expected now. Thanks!