[Solved][Windows vst3 WebUI c++] Send any messages on MIDI notes on/off

void myplugin::ProcessMidiMsg(const IMidiMsg& msg)
    int status = msg.StatusMsg();
    IMidiMsg trns;
    switch (status)
    case IMidiMsg::kNoteOn:
        SendControlValueFromDelegate(1, msg.NoteNumber()); // or SMMFD
    SendControlValueFromDelegate(1, msg.NoteNumber()); // or SMMFD

Both codes won’t work as I expected.
Will calling functions inside ProcessMidiMsg be ignored?

You shouldn’t do this because ProcessMidiMsg() is called on the realtime thread. That being said, not sure why you wouldn’t see anything happening.

The IPlugControls example has something that should help…

Thanks for your replying.
UI updating should be happened real time for accuracy.
But sending message inside a function that called from ProcessMidiMsg() won’t work.
So, I’ll consider another approach.


The “realtime” thread is the high priority audio thread. OnMidiMsgUI() is a method you can override to do something (in realtime) but on the main thread

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Thank you very much olilarkin!!
That is simple and working like a charm!
Now the problems was solved.