[WebView] How to send Midi messages via SMMFUI() from JS to the processor and play midi notes?

I am trying to send midi messages from UI and play them by clicking buttons or something.

For now, I made it by calling SAMFUI() multiple times to send on/off, pitch and velocity to the processor.
But it could be done more handy by using SMMFUI().

I just wrote SMMFUI(144, 60, 127) in a JS, but no note will be played.
I am sure ProcessMidiMsg() is written correctly because SAMFUI method is working.

What is wrong?


SendMidiMsgFromUI() is not handled yet in IWebViewEditorDelegate. I will add it

I see. Thank you, @olilarkin!

Fixed on master

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So quick! Gonna test it. Thank you very much.