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Unresolved LLVM symbols from Faust

I’m new to iPlug2. I was attracted by the ability to easily build a VST3 on top of Faust.
I’m working on Windows 10 with Visual Studio Community 2019.

I have opened the IplugFausDSP VST3 example project and I’ve tried to run it in Debug mode to test the DSP file compiling (FAUST_COMPILED directive undefined). I’m receiving errors for undefined symbols inside IPlugFaustGen, that should come from faustlib If 'm not wrong.

I have downloaded all the dependencies with the download scripts, and I confirm that the folders under iPlug2\Dependencies\Build\win\Faus are populated as expected.
Why doesn’t VS resolve the symbols? I also checked that the project inherits the $(FAUST_LIB_PATH) macro inside the Linker dependencies.

Well the problem was the Win32 Platform :slight_smile:
Switching to x64 solved the problem

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