UnserializeEditorState vst3 win version is not resizing correctly on ableton

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to make my plugin resize to its last size when reloading the daw project.
I followed the example here Storing and Restoring the plugin editor scaling · GitHub

I found that the vst3 win version is not resizing correctly on ableton live, the gui is resized correctly but the plugin window does not. when I close and reopen the plugin window, it opens in the right size.

All the rest of the formats and daws I tried on win and mac works fine.

Is there a fix for it?

Please try in the latest Live 11 beta

Hi Oli, thanks for the help.

It works good with the latest beta.
Is there a way to make it work with the current stable version?

I saw in some Juce plugin I own it’s also not resizing but when first open it keeps the scale to 1.0 so it doesn’t look funky, When you reopen the window it resize properly.

It’s a bug in live so it’s just necessary to upgrade live to the latest beta or when the next release comes out upgrade to that

Alright thanks. Hope they’ll fix it soon.