VST3 not found when using duplicate.py

I’m trying to get up and running on Mac OS and am running into an annoying issue that probably stems from my lack of Reaper knowledge.

I’m using the duplicate.py script to create my own projects. The build goes fine and a .vst3 is generated in ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3. When Reaper opens, however, the plug-in can’t be found. I can manually add the plug-in through Reaper without issue.

I am changing PLUG_MFR_ID (no spaces) and PLUG_UNIQUE_ID (is “randomly” making something up good enough for this value?), as instructed.

Any ideas? Thanks!

For PLUG_UNIIQUE_ID I believe you can randomly make something up. As for the Reaper setting, just add the plugin manually the first time then save the project. Once you’ve saved the project with the real plugin added, it should load correctly in the future.

Thanks – that’s the work around I’ve been doing. I’m wondering if it’s a bug with the script or something on my end. Perhaps it will avoid someone else’s future confusion.