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Headless WAM (Web Audio Module)

First, extensive thanks to Oli Larkin and the iPlug community for the development of the framework!

Seconds, what is the semantic way of building an iPlug2 project as a headless WAM?

I have tried replacing the IGRAPHICS_NANOVG and IGRAPHICS_GLES2 flags in the WAM makefiles with NO_IGRAPHICS, but the removal of the prior two flags causes all emscripten-related symbols to become unavailable to the source. Before debugging, I wanted to ask here if this is even considered supported through iPlug2.

I’ve seen the WAM API in github, but we use iPlug2 to build WAM, VST3, and AUv3 from the same source; due to this we’d rather not stray from the comfy infrastructure iPlug2 affords.

The idea is to avoid having a GL render created in the web page at all, as on some weaker systems (and virtual machines) the WAM may fail to load if the browser cannot handle the creation of some graphics renderer.


Currently this is not supported, without manually hacking the html file and build scripts but I want to make that work soon. The IPlugWebUI example should use the same html/css interface for the native plug-in as the WAM. If you’d like to help contribute to that effort it would be much appreciated.


I’m already using custom HTML to create a splash page with some javascript controls, and have played with what I can and cannot gut from the javascript template files.

At some point I would like to get a working build sans the IGraphics rendering, if I ever figure it out I’ll make a PR.