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Yet another Euclidean seq

Ok, it’s far from finished. Three rack sequencer with euclidean rhythms, offsets and euclidean accents (inside rhythms). Bare bones.

Thing is… this is first C++ code I touched after a long time. I managed to score my first programming gig this year but this made me almost quit making music altogether and I might speak for a lot of people when I say it was not the best year so far.
But… over lunch break last week, I decided to finally give it a go. After years of fidgeting around and be always on both sides of the Venn diagram (both making music and programming) but never in the middle, I decided to give it a go a try to make something that I would use. And I have to say, I’m over the moon :slight_smile:

First, let me say this: I hate node-based programming. It’s awesome to connect signals to route signals as in audio processing and such, but handling some logic… Nope. That’s the reason why I could not stick with either pd, or Reaktor (which I still love, though). Every time, it came down to “how do I make for loop?” or “please, just give me some sensible order in which it’s all executed…”. So realizing something more complex in those environments is like trying to make a game in PowerPoint. It’s possible but borderline crazy. It was my dream to make some simple but complex sequencer, for almost a decade and after a couple of evenings, I got these patterns rolling in Ableton like it ain’t nothing!

And as for a second point: This is a wonderful project. I remember when I tried to make VST host support for libCinder and it took me ages to figure out black magic that was going on under the hood. I learned a ton of things about DSP and programming, but as the project, I was making it bit the dust and stopped programming for a couple of years, it became just a memory (a rather scary one, though). So… I guess this is a dream of many people, to make their own thing, to give it a go and make something useful (or just funny). The way Iplug2 is set up makes it super-easy to kickstart something new, throw some mud on the wall and see if it sticks, in a similar way that openFramewors or even Cinder was for me. It’s just amazing.

Hats off to you, gentlemen.

P.S. maybe I just had a lot coffee?


wee update…

Major overhaul graphic-wise. Comments would be appreciated.

looking good! let me know when i can try it :slight_smile: