Access to reaper-sdk with VST3

I think I know the answer: I’m developing a VST3 plugin using iPlug2. For my purposes it doesn’t matter if the VST3 is Reaper specific. I’d like to access some function from the reaper-sdk - specifically project markers. I’m assuming I have to define the plugin as either a Reaper Extension or a VST3

Just after a sanity check

I’ve not added support for the Reaper VST3 interface

VST2 is supported however

Thanks Oli - I’ve just worked that out. There is nothing specific I need in VST3, so have switched to VST2.

What do I need to do to start calling functions from the reaper-api in my iPlug2 class?

Here is an out of date branch with an example

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Apologies if I’m being a bit dense. I’ve looked at it online, and tried to compile it locally (and failed, but I get that it’s an old codebase). I cannot see any Reaper specific functions in the linked code.

Do I need to derive my class from IPlugReaperVST2, or is that handled for me - the class diagram in the docs makes me think I should…?

Can share a better example later

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Through a bit of sniffing around I found the #define REAPER_PLUGIN macro

I’m getting the following - probably should have said I’m using Windows

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
Error C2664 ‘int REAPERAPI_LoadAPI(void *(__cdecl *)(const char *))’: cannot convert argument 1 from ‘iplug::IPlugReaperVST2::{ctor}::<lambda_88e44709aa67e4dc8745b73b429413b0>’ to ‘void *(__cdecl *)(const char *)’ (compiling source file …\GlitchSniffer.cpp) GlitchSniffer-vst2 C:\Users\pete.carss\Documents\iPlug2\iPlug2\IPlug\VST2\IPlugReaperVST2.h 31

Not sure what is going on but here is an updated example