Anyone know where the AAX plugin SDK is?

As is evident in the docs, you need to have the AAX SDK placed in the “iPlug2\Dependencies\IPlug\AAX_SDK” directory in order to build an AAX plugin.

I also know that you need a developer account/license with Pro Tools to get the SDK.

The problem I have is – I made a Pro Tools developer account, but still can’t find the SDK anywhere. All my searches keep taking me to this link:

but am I the only one that don’t see the SDK in there?

If anyone else has had luck with the AAX, any help or pointers would be very much appreciated.

It looks like they may have temporarily pulled it down, possibly due to problems with Arm. There are some issues on their developer forum that the latest SDK (2.4.0) is not building properly in Xcode. Suggest contacting the POC who set up your Avid account and ask them what’s up.

For what it’s worth, AAX SDK version 2.3.2 builds as Universal Binary on Xcode 12.5 which is what I have been doing for some time. I don’t know if it works because there hasn’t been a way to test it until recently (I understand there is now an M1/Arm version of Pro Tools that runs on Monterey - and ONLY Monterey). Will wait for any complaints before I address, recompile and re-issue everything (again).

Looks like the guys at the Avid forums are thinking the same thing.

Thank you for your help!

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yep same, thanks for confirming.

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Either I’m having a senior moment, or they’ve ALSO pulled the Developer and Pre-Release versions - at least I can’t find them anywhere

l thought AVID was supposed to certify your programming skills before handing you their SDK? :thinking:. That’s what’s been keeping me from even getting near AAX and Pro Tools.

Certification is separate from getting the SDK. That said, they have changed policy over the last few years - it used to cost a not-insignificant amount of money annually to get and keep access to the SDK. They seemed to have decided it was more useful to have more plugin vendors than fewer serious/professional ones.

Also FWIW the SDKs and Dev/Prerelease versions appeared to be back when I checked yesterday.

Confirmed, the SDK is there now at Orientation (need to be logged in).

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