BlueLab Plugins have been made with iPlug2


The BlueLab Plugins have been made with iPlug2. They are now available for free, but the development has stopped.

There is a github page for downloading the latest versions (see the Releases section), and the source code is available (if anyone wants to continue the development, or for searching inspiration for other plugins…).


These are really brilliant plug-ins, thanks so much for releasing them as open source!

Others here might be interested in a CDM article here about them:

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Yes, really awesome! Can’t wait to dig into the code. Thanks for sharing!

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Wow! Incredible graphics (I can see I have A LOT to learn). Thank you for sharing!

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Unfortunately the repo has been removed. I found GitHub - erroreyes/bluelab-plugins: All BlueLab plugins and apps but it still requires dead links to clone fully.

Anyone got the full repo?

I might be mistaken but a quick glance at the .gitmodules file seems to indicate that they’re all other folks’ libraries they just forked/vendored. The only one I couldn’t track down is RandomSequence library.

The problem with their vendoring approach is that there’s no commit information in the gitmodules file so tracking down correct tag/version might prove a bit difficult.

Hello. About a year ago I managed to clone the original BlueLab repository, but it turned out to be impossible to assemble the plugins on the first try and without radically editing the source code. Moreover, having assembled one of the plugins, it turned out to be inoperative. Projects have broken links to non-existent files. Finding out the reasons through debugging did not give positive results. In addition, I did not find any documentation for this library.
Therefore, the question arises: are there anyone among the forum participants who still managed to use this library without headaches?