How do most DAWs handle latency compensation with sidechains?

Came across an interesting question - if a plugin requires latency compensation for its audio processing (i.e., SetLatency() > 0) what happens if that plugin has a sidechain input? Do most DAWs also “look ahead” (latency compensate) the sidechain send signal or do they only compensate the main audio to the plugin?

How does this typically work?

(Will set up some tests to check - and report back - but thought I’d ask here in the meantime)

It appears - at least in Reaper - that BOTH the main audio and the sidechain signals are “looked ahead” when a plugin requests latency compensation. Will test other DAWs but at least in Reaper this is how it works.

Anyone else know of DAWs that handle this differently?

don’t know for sure, but a DAW that doesn’t would be broken. it’s just another routing, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t compensate it like any other.

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