Is it possible to add a newline in a button label text?

Hi! I am trying to make an effect rack style plugin, which has several modules with different names. So far, I have created a list of effects that can be selected, and the effect itself is displayed as an IVButtonControl to select the effect and access its parameters. I want the name to be displayed on the left and the in/out/mix buttons on the right of this effect module. However, when the name is too long it will encroach on the knobs’ territory, which makes the plugin look messy. I tried adding a \n into the label text, but it ignores it and writes the name on one line. Is there a neat way to fit the label onto one side of the button?

Just saw this, pretty much saying that it isn’t possible without writing my own backend. I will try that, or maybe I will just add another text object on top of each option that has the title on two lines if necessary. I’ll keep looking in case there is something that I can use, otherwise I’ll stick with this.

You can make your own control, inherit from the control you want to use, override the method that write the label and make it look however you want.