Problems launching IPlug2 on Mac OS

Hello all!
I recently purchased a MacBook Air in order to port my developed Windows plugins to this platform. Until this moment, I have never encountered a Mac OS, so do not judge strictly a beginner.

Following the manual, I installed the framework and decided to build the IPlugEffect example. I was pleased that the example was assembled immediately and without errors, but I decided to run it for execution, which showed these errors in the debugger:
Could not locate font Roboto-Regular.ttf
Assertion failed: (nvgFindFont(mVG, text.mFont) != -1 && “No font found - did you forget to load it?”), function PrepareAndMeasureText, file …/…/…/IGraphics/Drawing/IGraphicsNanoVG.cpp, line 599.

I ask for help in solving this problem, since I absolutely do not know how to fix this error.

This is strange. From what you have said it sounds like this is a completely fresh clone of iPlug2 and you didn’t make any modifications to the IPlugEffect xcodeproject - it should work.

Can you confirm that the ttf file is in the bundle, which you should find in /Users/1234/Applications/

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I figured it out - I manually copied the Roboto-Regular.ttf file to the application resources folder - and everything worked. It is not clear why automatic copying does not occur when assembling the APP, however, when assembling the VST, everything is OK.

That shouldn’t be necessary. I wonder if there is a problem with the scripts/ python script. Which macOS/Xcode do you have?

Xcode: 8.0

It is not clear why the resources are copied separately to the folders:
but everything should be in one folder:
The problem is solved by manually moving files to the Double Commander.

The problem is solved by moving the files in the Project Navigator to the root of the resource folder.


I guess this is since you are using an old xcode/python.

01_Getting_started_mac_ios · iPlug2/iPlug2 Wiki · GitHub explains a few “minimum requirements” but that is just because I can’t test on old machines/xcodes. It might work, with a few changes, as you have discovered.