Strange characters in the menu of app based on IPlug2

When opening the menu in the “Preferences” item, strange characters were found, probably UTF-8 characters were infiltrated.

How to fix it?

Tried editing the MENUITEM line "&Preferences...\tCtrl+,", ID_PREFERENCES in file “main.rc_mac_menu”, but to no avail. It seems that this line is changed from outside when building the app.

This gets modified when the mac_resgen.php script gets called to convert the main.rc file into main.rc_mac_menu etc. You can disable it by commenting out the code in the build phase:

However, the source of the problem turned out to be in the file SliceMapper-macOS-MainMenu.xib in line:
<menuItem title="Preferences…" tag="40006" keyEquivalent="," id="129"/>.
Editing this line as expected, the problem disappeared.