The elephant in the room turned twelve years old

How do we open a menu without interrupting the audio thread?

ex: GetUI()->PromptForFile( → click, crack, trrrr, click and voila!!!


Don’t do it when running the debugger :slight_smile:

Hello Oli, first: ¡thanks for your great work!
“I do it in release, and it always interrupts the audio process, something I believe I’ve seen documented somewhere. The issue is that it’s a standalone that preferably uses a buffer < 256”

If you launch the app from xcode whether in debug or release, then any NSPanel or NSPopupMenu etc that gets shown on the screen can cause an audio glitch. This should not happen when you run your plugin normally, i.e. not by clicking the play button in xcode

Update, on Mac there are no interruptions, this has been tested on Silicon and Intel. (XCode, app compiled in debug and release)
On PC there are tremendous interruptions. (Vs2019, app compiled in release) Windows 11, 10 and 7. (i7, i5 etc) apparently the size of the buffer does not matter.
The problem is evidently limited to Windows.