[ED] Another way to duplicate IPlug2 projects

To be honest, I don’t like the duplicate.py script, as I’m not a fan of the Python programming language and don’t like console interfaces. I think that in the 21st century, console interfaces are anochronistic, so after spending a little time I made my own version of the project duplicator - IPlug Dublicator in the Delphi XE8 rapid application development environment.


The program is designed to duplicate IPlug2 projects. Made based on the original duplicate.py python script.
Has a convenient graphical interface, and also remembers the values of the parameters of the current session, which is convenient when you restart the program.
You can download executable files for Windows and source code here -https://github.com/flutomax/IPlugDublicater

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It would be great to have such a utility!
Please check the link to githhub - it shows: Page not found.

cool stuff, I guess that is windows only?

Delphi can generate macOS executables, but Delphi itself is Windows-only.

It is quite possible to compile this program for MacOS, but I do not have a computer with MacOS, so it is not possible to build a version for this platform.

I have no idea why you are showing this message. Now I checked - all pages of this project open.

By the way, I would like to remind you of the main differences between this program and the duplicate.py script.

  1. The duplicate.py script does not make it possible to use a space in the Manufacturer field. Since I always set this value as “Stone Voices”, when using the script, an error is generated that the use of a space is prohibited - “error: manufacturer name has spaces”. However, there is nothing in the VST protocol that prohibits the use of a space in the manufacturer’s name. Therefore, I was tired of manually editing these fields in the sources after the duplicate.py script was running. :wink:

  2. I did not significantly complicate the source code of the program for the sake of one, in my opinion, trifle like “PLUG_UNIQUE_ID”, everyone can do this independently at their discretion, spending only a few seconds on this matter. :grinning:

I can visit your page https://github.com/flutomax and see that you have changed your photo)
Also, I follow you now on githhub. But the project IPlugDublicater is not listed on your page neither the link to https://github.com/flutomax/IPlugDublicater does not work - Error 404.

I lost sight of one detail, apparently in a hurry, since this repository turned out to be private and now I set it as public in the settings. Thank you for finding the problem.

It works now! Thanks, perfect!

Hey thanks for that. I appreciate the script’s functionality, but I am the visual type too :).

I have edited the title of this post, because it is not the best or recommended way. Python is absolutely fine.

Hi thereby wouldn’t mind …any script would be fine, but I get a strange error using the python-script on latest Mojave

error: input project IPlugEffect/ doesn’t exist, check spelling/case?

but there is no spelling mistake… I have also tried with absolute paths etc … didn’t work

is it possible that I don’t see the forrest because all of these trees ?

help would be nice

kind regards


remove the / from the end of IPlugEffect

./duplicate.py IPlugEffect MyNewPlugin MyManufacturerName

I will update the script to remove the trailing slash automatically

omg was so easy …sorry for taking your time :smiley:
thanks for the quick answer

don’t update …its better the way it is now I guess…It was just me struggling

i do it all the time :slight_smile:

if you press tab to autocomplete you get the trailing slash

Just found this. Very nice little application. Thanks :slight_smile: