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IPlug Designer – Designer program for iPlug2 framework

I have created a program that makes it easier to design plugins based on iPlug2.
Now each of you can quickly create a plugin interface and get the code to embed into a C++ project. This will save you from the routine work of translating the plug-in design from Photoshop and entering the coordinates of the controls.

Working with the program resembles in concept some visual IDEs, for example Lazarus, Delphi and the like.
Upon completion of the design, by pressing F9 key, you can copy the generated C++ code into your working IDE.


The program assumes work with raster and vector controls, as well as based on SVG graphics. You can also save bitmaps, SVG and vector styles in the project file, which will allow you not to worry about the safety of resources. You can also create additional graphic elements that will be part of the design, but will not be converted to the original code. There is support for fontaudio fonts. The program provides for the export of the design as a PNG image with an alpha channel, and it is also possible to copy the generated C++ code.

The source code, as well as the compiled executable file for Windows is in my repository.
I would also be grateful for any donation so that it would not be boring to build a version for Mac OS :wink:


Wow! This looks great

Can’t test it right now, but looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!

Another example of plugin design made by IPlugDesigner.
This example is included in the distribution.