macOs 12.3 Build

Hello there,

Do not update (macOs) until this issue is resolved.
It seems the updates have broken something on the mac. Version 12.1 to 12.3…

/iPlug2/Examples/IPlugSideChain/build-mac/ line 2: python: command not found

I tried to find where to fix it myself, but I couldn’t. Soft link type:

ln -s /opt/homebrew/bin/python3 /opt/homebrew/bin/python

didn’t help me to fix the situation. Somebody help me find the path to fix the script, please? I would make a merge request because the problem will come to everyone after the update. Thanks.

If someone has updated and everything is working well, please let me know about it. Thanks

@AlexHarker Sorry to bother you, could you comment. Thanks.

Hi - I’m not near a computer on 12.x at the moment but I will be in the next few days and I can test.

I will take a look, but for now I’d advise leaving your fix in your working directory and we will try to merge in as soon as possible - there might be some other changes to make also, but the fact that the tests have passed suggest this should be safe to pull in. @olilarkin might have additional thoughts, or be able to get to this before me.

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Fix incoming Update all python scripts for python3/macOS12.3 by olilarkin · Pull Request #857 · iPlug2/iPlug2 · GitHub

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should be fixed on master now


works fine…all tests OK

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